Class Legacy New Students; Book Ideas; Homecoming Tailgate

Outgoing Class President Dale Lazar reports on new students, asks for book ideas and invites classmates to a Homecoming tailgate.


New CU Students, Moon Landing, Stump at the Straight, Class Dues

Class Presidents Dale and Shelley send Cornell news and encourage classmates to pay their dues

45th Reunion Year Ending, Photos, Gifts & Ithaca Summer Fun

Class Presidents Dale Lazar and Shelley Cosgrove DeFord share news about our 45th Reunion year and Ithaca summer fun.

Reunion Recap, Cornell Crosswords, Dues

Class President Dale Lazar talks about our Reunion and Dues

Graduation, Bill Nye Science Guy, Not Too Late for Reunion

Class President Dale Lazar reports on the glorious 2019 Cornell Graduation

Slope Day, Reunion Early Bird, Musical [Note-ables] and more

Class President Dale Lazar and Reunion Chair Shelley Cosgrove DeFord send campus and Reunion news

New Class Trustee, Campus Core Values, Reunion, Photos

Your Reunion Chairs bring class, campus and reunion news

Our 45th Reunion is just 2 months away!

Reunion Chair Shelley Cosgrove DeFord wants you to know our 45th Reunion is soon
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Almost Spring, Giving Day, Summer Classes

Class Officers update classmates on Ithaca, Giving Day and Summer claasses