Connect, COVID and Cornell

Class President Shelley Cosgrove DeFord encourages classmates to reach out during these unsettling times and provides CU COVID information.

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Bad News, Sad News, Good News & Giving Day

Class President Shelley Cosgrove DeFord brings news from campus and introduces our Bosch Award winners and their Giving Day message

Our New Christopher Reeve Scholar

Kristen Rupert shares this fun introduction from our new Christopher Reeve Scholar

Go to your 50th High School Reunion

Our VP of Social Media Bill Howard reminds us to go to our 50th high school reunions and to vote for alumni trustees

Happy New Year, Vegas, Book Club & Video

Class President Shelley Cosgrove DeFord wishes classmates a Happy New Year and reports on class events and book club

Fall News from Campus

Class President Shelley Cosgrove DeFord reports on the fall news from campus

Class Legacy New Students; Book Ideas; Homecoming Tailgate

Outgoing Class President Dale Lazar reports on new students, asks for book ideas and invites classmates to a Homecoming tailgate.

New CU Students, Moon Landing, Stump at the Straight, Class Dues

Class Presidents Dale and Shelley send Cornell news and encourage classmates to pay their dues

45th Reunion Year Ending, Photos, Gifts & Ithaca Summer Fun

Class Presidents Dale Lazar and Shelley Cosgrove DeFord share news about our 45th Reunion year and Ithaca summer fun.

Reunion Recap, Cornell Crosswords, Dues

Class President Dale Lazar talks about our Reunion and Dues