Class Dinner June 9 in Ithaca; Summer Fun Courses; Pay Dues Please

Happy Spring!  Although the new season has been slow to arrive in Ithaca (and much of the US), students return this week from Spring Break with only five weeks of classes left.  Do you remember sprinting to Finals Week when you were at Cornell?!?

Looking ahead to warmer weather, we are organizing a class dinner at Reunion THIS YEAR, on Saturday June 9 in Ithaca, at the home of classmates Kristen Rupert and John Foote.  Yes, our 45th Reunion is still one year away.  However, our Reunion co-chairs will be in Ithaca this June scoping out dinner venues, caterers and activities.  Local classmates and class officers will also be there.  Please join us!  Any alum may attend Cornell Reunion: you can register as a non-reunion year (NRY) alum, attend events, and stay in on-campus housing.  Details are here.  The link to register for the class dinner on Saturday is not available yet.  But, if you are interested in attending or have questions, contact Shelley Cosgrove DeFord at

This summer also offers an opportunity to take one-week classes on campus through Cornell Adult University (CAU.)  You and family/friends can choose among cycling, wines, astronomy, literature, politics, hip-hop, golf, gorges, yoga and more.  CAU classes run from July 8-August 4 and accommodations are on campus.  Click here for more information.

You recently received a letter encouraging you to pay your class dues for 2018-19.  Dues help pay for class communications, events, reunions and more.  As a dues-payer your receive Cornell Alumni Magazine as well as discounts on some Cornell services.  Our class has held the line on dues amounts again this year–classmates pay only $60 or $30 with no magazine.  And if you pay by April 13, you’ll receive $150 off the coast of a CAU course.  If you are on dues auto-renewal, your credit card will be charged in July.  To pay dues by check, visit our class website here.  To pay dues on-line, click here.

Hope to see you at Cornell Reunion in June or another Cornell event soon.


Dale Lazar

President [Notable] Class of  ’74