Class of ’74 Supports Cornellians–Meet Our Scholars

Class of 1974 Scholarships

The Class of 1974 Scholarship was established in 1999 as part of our 25th Reunion campaign by classmates Joan and Bob Oel- schlager. Students selected by Cornell receive this scholarship, each year during their course of study.

Class of ’74 Scholars are:

• Musfeq Khan ’03, Arts & Sciences, Bangladesh

• Katherine Arcos ’04, Arts & Sciences, Long Beach, NY
• Anthony (Tony) Bandanza ’08, Arts & Sciences, New Hampshire
• Sabina Sattler ’12, CALS, Connecticut
• Garrett Guillen ’16, ILR, California
• Wendolin Gonzalez ’21, Architecture, North Carolina

Our current Class of ’74 Scholar, Wendolin Gonzalez, is a rising third-year architecture student, who has just returned from the Cornell in Rome program. She grew up in High Point, North Carolina, and will be working with a Boston architecture firm this summer. Wendi sent us a letter about her experiences in the Cornell in Rome program.

“My experience in Rome has been incredible. I still have yet to get over the shock of living ten minutes from the Pantheon. Everywhere I go there’s a monument that I had seen hundreds of times in books growing up. I used to flip through magazines and sketch from pictures, but now I can actually go see these in person.

It feels as though I just arrived yesterday and in the blink of an eye the semester is coming to an end. The field trips around Italy and to Berlin have been great and I’ve been able to see not just Rome but much of Italy. Thankfully, classes aren’t as rigorous so I can spend afternoons soaking up the culture.”

Christopher Reeve Scholarship

This scholarship is given to a student in the Theatre Arts program, in memory of Christopher Reeve ‘74. Both the Class of 1974 Scholarship, along with the Christopher Reeve Scholarship, continue to be funded by many classmates as part of annual giving commitments. Recipients receive support each year. Past scholarship winners have been:

• Christine Bullen ’08, Arts & Sciences, Colorado
• Katherine Karaus ’10, Arts & Sciences, Virginia
• Bridget Saracino ’11, Arts & Sciences, Rochester NY

• Nate Mattingly ’14, Arts & Sciences, Cortland, NY

The current Chris Reeve ’74 scholar is William Opoku Nnuro Jr, a freshman planning a double major in theatre and biology. He writes:

“From a young age, my parents & grandparents instilled the love of reading and knowledge in my brothers and I and they pushed us to be the top of our class at all times. I owe it to them that I was accepted into such a prestigious university and I hope to pay it forward for my kids one day.

My experiences living in Texas and then moving to a completely different environment in Ghana have also shaped me into the person I am today. The struggles I have witnessed motivate me to effect positive change wherever I go, through my actions and through my creative endeavors. Lastly I would just like to say a huge thank you to the class of ’74 for the Christopher Reeve scholarship which helped make it possible for me to attend Cornell University! I am excited to be given the opportunity to meet you all and hear your stories!”