Go to your 50th High School Reunion

This year, make it a point to get back to your high school reunion. For most of us, 2020 is the 50th anniversary of our high school graduation, and spring-summer 2020 is when many of the reunions happen. If ever there’s a time when a reunion class has critical mass, it’s 50 years out. The big reunions, high school or college, are 10-25-50. Fifty is special because of the, well, you know, odds of making it to the next one. (Actually, the odds are decent: College graduates live to almost 90 for women, mid-80s for men.)

If your high school alumni network is loosely organized and you haven’t heard about a possible reunion, check in with old high school friends you’re still in touch with. Reach out to your high school.  Many schools now have alumni offices or education foundations that can help connect alumni to each other and to the school.

Facebook is one of the best places to find long-lost classmates. Your high school alumni and maybe your HS class have a Facebook group. If there isn’t one for your class, you can create one easily. Make the group name public and the contents private. Mine is called Monroe High School Rochester NY MHS Class of 1970.  Invite people you know into the group and ask friends to invite their classmate friends. Ask them to post photos and a summary of how they’ve lived the last half century.

As for our Fair Cornell: Classes were canceled last Friday because of blizzard conditions.

Views of the bridge to Engineering quad on Cornell’s December 2nd, 2019 Snow Day. (Nandita Mohan / Sun Staff Photographer)

The women’s and men’s hockey teams are ranked #1 and #2 in the nation. The men’s basketball team beat Princeton (upset) and Princeton beat Cornell wrestling (bigger upset as Cornell hadn’t lost an Ivy match since 2002-2003). Dean of Engineering Lance Collins is bailing for Virginia Tech, which wants to set up a Cornell Tech NYC-like operation outside DC called Innovation Campus. Cornell’s Dean of the Dyson School, Lynn Wooten, is heading to Boston to be president of Simmons University.  And this is the month for you to vote for two Cornell alumni-elected trustees (deadline Feb. 29 5 pm EST); you get either an email or paper ballot. Your vote can make a difference because, sadly, voter turnout is often soft. For info, go to alumni.cornell.edu.