Cornell Hawks, Reunion Talks

This will be the week when the first of Big Red’s and Arthur’s four eggs is likely to hatch in the nest high above Alumni Fields on Tower Road.  Big Red and Arthur are Cornell’s resident red-tailed hawks and they return each spring to Ithaca.   If you haven’t been paying attention, click Red-tailed Hawk Cam and watch in real time as these two magnificent creatures usher in the Spring. (Warning:  This website is habit forming.)

Speaking of Spring, our 50th Reunion is around the corner.  One update:  our class’s now-traditional Reunion visit from the Cornell President on Friday morning is confirmed.  Plan to set aside this hour to meet and hear from President Martha Pollack.

Of course our Reunion celebration weekend is not all serious fare.  On Saturday morning classmates will be sharing RED (aka TED) talks about wine-making, earth source heat, mating flies, Roman emperors, baseball, poetry, Hollywood, and various other topics.  And earlier on the schedule, on Thursday afternoon, we will be treated to the Ithaca premiere of the film The Artist & the Astronaut which has a number of Cornell and Class of ‘74 connections.

Go grab your printed registration invite or click here to register for Reunion.

Note: If you are unable to be in Ithaca over Reunion, you can still be a part of the fun virtually.  On Thursday evening (8pm EDT) Corey Earle ‘07—Cornell’s de facto historian—will be giving a retrospective of our time on the Hill, live at our headquarters and via Zoom.  On Saturday night WVBR will be broadcasting live (9-11pm EDT) from our HQ and will be beamed “around the world”.

Hope Spring weather has arrived wherever you are!