Spring in Ithaca…Finally

After I taught at Cornell on Monday, I took a walk across campus.  This was the first truly spring day we’ve had—70 degrees, shorts and tee shirts, every tree in bloom and frisbees (a lot of frisbees).  And to celebrate the season, Big Red and Arthur welcomed this week (as expected) two red-tail hawk chicks to the nest.  (Trigger warning for vegetarians:  There is a cornucopia of fresh game in the nest for meals.)

I also made a point to walk past the encampment on the Arts Quad (in front of White Hall).  In mid-afternoon it was a fairly quiet affair; some people stopped to look and listen, while others simply walked by.  My next stop was the Straight, where I saw for the first time the plaque that is just inside the main doors—a good reminder that when we chose to attend Cornell, we selected a university that has not been a stranger to turbulent times, and which today is better for it.

I hope you are making plans for our 50th Reunion.  We have a blockbuster Thursday planned, so come early:

  • Our headquarters at Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hall opens at noon
  • The Ithaca premier of the file The Artist & the Astronaut  screens at 4pm
  • Our Welcome Festival on the RBG Quad, with food trucks, music, and fun, starts at 6pm
  • Corey Earle delivers an in-person (and via Zoom) look back at our time on the Hill at 8pm
  • And then the party begins….

Click here for registration info and materials.