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Class of 1974 Scholarship

The Class of 1974 Scholarship was established in 1999 as part of our 25th Reunion campaign by Joan and Bob Oelschlager. Both the Class of 1974 Scholarship along with the Christopher Reeve Scholarship continue to be funded by many classmates as part of annual giving commitments. Former Class of 1974 Scholarship Winners: Garret Guillen ’16 […]

Class of 1974 Scholar: Garrett Guillen ’16

Fall 2012 Dear Class of 1974, I would like to begin by expressing the utmost sense of gratitude for your incredible generosity and the personal hospitality shown to me. An incoming freshman could not have asked for anything more and I will always remember the kindness of the members of your class. My name is […]

Class of 1974 Scholar: Sabina Sattler ’12

May 2012: A Graduation Farewell from Sabina Sattler Dear Class of 1974, As finals’ week comes to an end I am anxiously awaiting the fun of Senior Week festivities, especially because I helped plan some of the activities as Chair of Day Trips. But then when I think of the final days of Convocation and […]

Make a Gift to Cornell

Cornell appreciates support, at any level, and every gift is important.  You can target your gift for a wide variety of programs and scholarships within Cornell. Some employers will match your gift!  Gifts from members of the Class of 1974 are “credited” to our class statistics, whether you give to a scholarship, your academic program, or any […]

Top 40

Hear the TOP 40 songs selected by classmates during our 40th Reunion! Do you hear that music? That’s the Class of 74’s Top Tunes Committee spinning up memorable music hits from the early 70’s. Make no mistake…our unofficial bandbox of a committee has eagerly gone about the task of tracking down and queuing up the great […]

Chapter House Fire

A recent fire has destroyed two buildings, although, thankfully, no deaths nor serious injuries have been reported. The fire broke out in the early morning hours at the site of the well known Chapter House on Stewart Avenue.  Read about the fire in the Cornell Chronicle.  Two Class of 1974 alumni are quoted in an article about Alumni […]