Pay Class Dues by June 30, 2019

Now is the time to pay your class dues for 2019-20.  Due payers receive the award-winning Cornell Alumni Magazine and help support class activities.  TheMagazine is a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on at Cornell and with our class.  Pay dues on-line here, or mail a check made payable to our class to Box 37333, Boone, IA 50037-0333.  Dues are $60, $65 for a couple, or $30/$35 with no Magazine.

Class Dues for 2018-2019

Dear Classmates,

Since my daughter graduated from Cornell last year, I miss the frequent Ithaca visits to see the beautiful views and enjoy the memories they evoke. I am so thankful to be a part of the [Notable] Class of ’74. I met such amazing people during our years on the hill and through our reunions have made more friends with classmates who never crossed my path in the ‘70s.

That’s what makes our class dues so important. They support our class initiatives providing opportunities to get classmates together at events like reunions, Homecoming tailgates, receptions, and other functions around the country.
They make class communication—class website and monthly emails—possible, keeping us up to date with each other, the Cornell campus, and upcoming events. They provide the funds for our photo gallery and our greatest perk, reduced-price subscriptions to the award-winning Cornell Alumni Magazine.

Our [Notable] Class of ’74 dues remain the same as last year:

Individual — $60 with magazine or $30 Dues only

Class Couple — $65 with magazine or $35 Dues only

You may also sign up for Auto-Renewal and Cornell will charge your credit card on July 1 each year.

To pay by check, please fill out the dues card enclosed in your recent mailing and send your dues check to Cornell University, Box 37333, Boone, IA 50037-0333. Also consider a donation to our class scholarship, which makes it possible for a current student to afford the Cornell experience. You may also pay dues on-line here.

Plan to attend reunion in June 2019. I look forward to renewing friendships and building new ones! Send us suggestions for class activities throughout the year and for reunion. Hope to see you in June 2019 if not before!


Jodi Sielschott Stechschulte ’74 Membership Chair

Class Dues

As I write this, the Cornell campus is covered in a thick blanket of snow – enough to provide two snow days in a row (to the delight of my youngest child who is now a senior!)  Despite the winter weather, spring is just around the corner and it is time to think of renewing or paying your class dues.

Class dues support class activities, communications, and the award-winning Cornell Alumni Magazine, winner this year of a National Magazine award, which keeps us up to date on campus news and fellow alumni.  Dues help us connect with Cornell, our friends from our days on the hill and classmates we never met while we were in Ithaca.  Please consider renewing your dues now, and even joining those classmates who have selected auto renewal to enjoy the ease and simplicity of having your dues paid automatically.

Your dues costs remain the same this year:

Dues are $60 and include Cornell Alumni Magazine or $30 with no magazine.  For a class couple dues are $65 or $35 respectively.

Paying dues is easy:

To pay on-line go here.

This is where you will find the option to sign up automatically renew your dues each year if you like. If you are on dues auto-renewal, you should have recently received an email from Cornell reminding you that your credit card will be charged on July 1, 2017.

To pay your dues by check:  Make checks out to Cornell Class of 1974, and mail to: Cornell Class Dues, PO Box 25841, Lehigh Valley, PA, 18003-9695. (Make sure to not  class year and/or Cornell ID.)

Our class remains strong because we never give up on making and keeping Cornell and Class of ’74 connections. Thank you for being a part of that effort.   Thanks in advance for supporting our class!

If you have any questions about paying dues, please let me know!


Jodi Sielschott Stechschulte ’74

Membership Chair

Paying class dues

Dues help the Class to communicate and host events!  You can pay in two ways:  go online, or mail a check.

If you mail a check, make it payable to Cornell Class of 1974, and send to:
Cornell University, PO Box 25841, Lehigh Valley, PA 18003-9695

Dues are $60 per year, including a subscription to the Cornell Alumni Magazine.  Couples pay $65 per year. If you elect not to receive the Magazine, dues are $30.

Questions?  We have developed a series of FAQ’s about class membership, dues and benefits of paying dues. Or, contact Membership Chair Jodi (Sielschott) Stechschulte.   Or, call Alumni Affairs with questions about class membership: 607-255-3021.

Our class remains so strong because we never give up on making and keeping Cornell and Class of ’74 connections. Thank you for being a part of that effort.

Thanks for your support of our class!

Jodi (Sielschott) Stechschulte
Membership Chair [Notable] Class of ’74

FAQ: Questions about Membership

Questions about access to Cornell alumni services and our class dues?  We have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Please contact us for more help!

  1. Why should I pay Class Dues?

You are forever a member of our [Notable] Class of 1974.  Nevertheless, paying class dues helps the Class stay strong.

  • When you pay dues, you are providing support to our [Notable] class for events and communications.
  • Dues are the only source of funds for our Class to plan and run activities.
  • Dues support class communications, such as mailings, postcards, and the website.
  • Dues-payers also receive the bimonthly Cornell Alumni Magazine. This independent award-winning alumni publication relies on class dues for subscriptions as a significant source of funding. Click here for the most recent issue.
  • Each issue of the Cornell Alumni Magazine contains news of classmates, compiled by our class correspondents. Click here to submit news for the magazine.
  • Dues-payers can join a national marketplace for discounts, the Big Red Marketplace, with access to hundreds of vendors.


  1. How much are the Class Dues?

Class dues are on an annual cycle: July 1 – June 30.  Dues are $60 for individuals and $65 for couples, who will receive a copy of the Cornell Alumni Magazine.  Dues are $30 for individuals who do not want a copy of the magazine.


  1. How do I pay Class Dues?

You can pay dues in two ways.

BY CHECK:  Payable to Cornell Class of 1974, and mailed to Cornell Class Dues, PO Box 25841, Lehigh Valley, PA 18003-9695.

ONLINE:  Click here.

Consider signing up for “Automatic Renewal” which will automatically charge you for dues each year.  see FAQ #5 below.


  1. I’m not sure if I have already paid my class dues. How do I know?

Class dues are different than the Cornell Annual Fund, and both are important!  The class dues cycle has recently been changed to align with the academic cycle of Cornell, which runs July 1 – June 30.  To find out if you are up-to-date with your Class dues, contact our Class of ’74 Membership Chair,  Jodi Sielschott Stechschulte.


  1. I thought I already signed up for “Automatic Renewal”, and how does it work?

With Automatic Renewal, your dues will be paid annually each May, until your credit card expiration date.  Automatic Renewal is offered as a convenience for classmates and is not required.   Because of recent changes to Cornell’s database management program, classmates who would like to use automatic renewal will have to sign up again and provide current credit card information for the 2016-17 dues year.





2015 New Student Reading Project: Slaughterhouse Five

Cornell alumnus Kurt Vonnegut ’44 is the author of the 2015 New Student Reading Project.  Class dues-payers can request a complimentary copy of the book, written in 1969.

Each year, all incoming students at Cornell spend part of Orientation Week in discussion groups and lectures focusing on a common reading.  For 2015, the reading selection continues the focus on Cornell’s 150th Anniversary by featuring a Cornell alumnus author, Kurt Vonnegut ’44.  All new students will be reading his anti-war novel, Slaughterhouse Five, written in 1969.  In many ways, these incoming students will be revisiting the same issues many of us were discussing as freshmen.  Read more about the book selection at the Cornell Chronicle..

In early summer, class dues payers will be given the option to receive a complimentary copy of the book. Look for a class email, or simply reserve your complimentary book here.  You’ll receive the book later in the summer.

Online resources, discussion questions, and webinars will connect you with the intellectual content that the new students are experiencing on campus. Look for these in-depth web resources to be developed by Cornell by the start of the fall semester.

Learn about past Reading Projects here.

4 kv sl5 face

Class Dues Help Us Stay Strong: Benefits for you.

You are forever a member of our [Notable] Class of 1974. Nevertheless, paying class dues helps the Class stay strong.

Dues-payers will receive the bimonthly Cornell Alumni Magazine, an award winning independent publication.  Our classmate, Bill Howard, serves as the Chair of the Committee which oversees the Magazine.

Each summer, dues-payers were able to request a complimentary copy of the annual New Student Reading Project.  For 2015, all entering students will be reading the anti-war novel, Slaughterhouse Five,  by Kurt Vonnegut’ 44. Read about that in the Cornell Chronicle.   The University is currently rethinking the Ne Student Reading Project so this may not be available going forward.

When you pay dues, you are providing support to our [Notable] class for events and communications. Our class remains so strong because we never give up on making and keeping Cornell and Class of ’74 connections.  We break records for participation, in attending Reunions and in giving to Cornell!  Thank you for being a part of that effort!


2014 New Student Reading Project

Each year, all new students at Cornell participate in a Reading Project, having read an assigned book over the summer.  With a series of lectures, seminars, and online resources, they share a common intellectual welcome to Cornell.

Dues paying classmates who would like to share in this experience can receive the book for free.  Webinars and online resources are another connection to the Cornell experience.  Or, this is just a good way to receive an intriguing book each year.

Visit Cornell’s website for information, on-line videos, discussion questions and information about past year book projects.

Class of 1974 dues payers can request a free copy of the reading, which you will receive as the new academic year begins.

Cornell Alumni Magazine

The Spring 2015 issue of the Cornell Alumni Magazine is a special sesquicentennial issue and features a wonderful article about a no-time-constraints dinner party honoring 24 of the most notable Cornellians.  Christopher Reeve ’74 sits two chairs over from Ezra, across from Kurt Vonnegut, next to astronaut Mae Jemison and Nobel winner Pearl Buck.  Also included is a photo honoring 156 of Cornell’s most respected current faculty.  Our classmates Nina Bassuk ’74, Horticulture; Barry Strauss ’74, History; and Mariana Wolfner ’74, molecular biology and genetics, are members of this august group.

Cornell Alumni Magazine has a new editor, Jenny Barnett, who is producing a fond, funny, readable, objective view of Cornell for Magazine readers.  Kudos to our [Notable] classmate Bill Howard ’74 who is Chair of the Cornell Alumni Magazine Committee.  This is the oversight body for the independent alumni publication, one of the oldest in the country.

To receive this great magazine over the next year, you need to pay your class dues.  Dues also support our class.

Each issue of the Cornell Alumni Magazine also contains news of classmates, compiled by our class correspondents.  Click here to submit news for the magazine.