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Cornell Giving Day--Supporting '74 Scholarships

On this year's Giving Day, Class President Shelley Cosgrove DeFord encourages classmates to consider a gift to our Class of '74 supported scholarships.

Giving Back--Academic Year End

Class Fund Chairs remind us to give back before the academic year end.
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Giving Back

Class Fund Chairs David Miller and Anne Wenzel ask us to consider a gift on Giving Day.
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Perseverance: Never Giving Up, and Always Giving Back

Class President Shelley Cosgrove DeFord shares stories of Cornell's perseverance and saves the date for Cornell Giving Day
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Class Scholar Wendi Gonzalez '21--Her Cornell Journey

Shelley Cosgrove DeFord shares Wendi's Cornell Journey as she enters her final year at Cornell
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Class Scholar Wendi Gonzalez Sends Greetings

Wendi, entering her final year at Cornell, reports on her summer internship
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Bad News, Sad News, Good News & Giving Day

Class President Shelley Cosgrove DeFord brings news from campus and introduces our Bosch Award winners and their Giving Day message

Our New Christopher Reeve Scholar

Kristen Rupert shares this fun introduction from our new Christopher Reeve Scholar

Class of '74 Supports Cornellians--Meet Our Scholars

We were delighted that our Scholars joined us at our 45th Reunion. If you didn't meet them there, meet them here. They make us very proud.


Cornell appreciates support, at any level, and every gift is important.  You can target your gift for a wide variety of programs and scholarships within Cornell. Some employers will match your gift!  Gifts from members of the Class of 1974 are “credited” to our class statistics, whether you give to a scholarship, your academic program, or any number of good causes at Cornell.

 Ways to Give Back to Cornell

Make a gift online, with Cornell’s secure form.

Print this form, complete it, and mail it (PDF)

Gift Planning, for personal, confidential assistance in estate planning: ways to maximize the distribution of your estate to your heirs and to philanthropic causes, while minimizing taxes.

Call 1-800-279-3099 to give your credit card information to a member of Cornell’s giving staff

Mail a check to:
Cornell University
Box 25842
Lehigh Valley, PA18003-9692