Class Legacy New Students; Book Ideas; Homecoming Tailgate

Outgoing Class President Dale Lazar reports on new students, asks for book ideas and invites classmates to a Homecoming tailgate.

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Cornell in Space and in Boston

Class President Dale Lazar share exciting Cornell NASA news and information about a Boston event and Reunion

New Year's Greetings

Class President Dale Lazar sends New Year's greetings

Pres Pollack Remarks, New Deans, Reunion Rooms

Class President Dale Lazar discusses President Pollack, 3 new Deans and gets us ready for Reunion

Classmate Awards & Homecoming

Our Class VP of Social Media Bill Howard was on campus for the Rhodes Awards dinner and Homecoming. He reports here.

It's Our 45th Reunion! Be part of our celebration!

Class President Dale Lazar shares news about our 45th Reunion

Happy Summer, Class Events Coming, New Campus Housing

Class President Dale Lazar talks Ithaca summer, upcoming class events and new campus housing.

Graduation, Class Party, Classmate Award Winners

Class VP Kristen Rupert reports on Graduation, a Class party at Reunion, and our classmate award winners.

Class Dinner June 9 in Ithaca; Summer Fun Courses; Pay Dues Please

Class President Dale Lazar updates classmates on a class dinner June 9 in Ithaca, summer courses and reminds classmates to pay dues.
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Class Dues for 2018-2019

Class Membership Chair Jodi Sielschott Stechschulte reminds you that 2018-19 dues are due by June 30th and tells you how to pay.