Classmate Carries Official Cornell Mace at Inauguration

Classmates Kristen Rupert and John Foote report on Inauguration

Need your Photo, CU Prez Inauguration, Class Events

Classmates ask for your photo and tell us about upcoming events.
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65th Birthday Reunion news and more

Class President Dal Lazar talks about our 65th Birthday Reunion and more.

Graduation, Classmate Wins CU Award, 65th Birthday

Class President Dale Lazar talks about graduation, Renee Alexander and the 65th Birthday Reunion.

New President, 65th Birthday Reunion, Trustee Election

Class President Dale Lazar sends news and Spring greetings.
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Class Dues

Membership Chair Jodi Sielschott Stechschulte encourages clasmates to pay class dues.

Happy New Year, Baltimore Event, 65th Birthday Reunion

Class President Dale Lazar send New Year's greeting and information about a class event in Baltimore on February 3rd and a special 65th Birthday Reunion in June.

Campus News and Class Events

Class President Dale Lazar provides campus news and information on class events.

Class Scholar, Homecoming, Presidential Debate and More

Class President Dale Lazar introduces our Class Scholar and provides information about upcoming events.