50th Reunion Affinity Outreach

It’s our big 50 and we have a great team reaching out to classmates to encourage everyone to attend the Reunion and to participate in our Memory Book.  Mary “Mi” O’Connell and Diane “Kope” VerSchure are leading this effort and have engaged these classmates as Affinity Leaders.  See Affinity Leaders below.  Please feel free to reach out to Mary or Diane for contact information for your Affinity Leader.

Scott, Mr. Walter C. Baseball – Manager
Bogden, Dr. Christopher A. Crew Lightweight – Team Member
Levy, Mr. Andrew P. Fencing Men – Team Members
Kowalik, Mr. Joseph Thomas Jr. Football 150 – Team Members
Corrigan, Mr. John J. Football Varsity – Team Member
Russell, Mr. David W. Golf – Team Members
Seabury, Dr. Chuck Ward Gymnastics Men – Captains
Marrett, Mr. Douglas G. Hockey Men – Captains
Smith, Mary Ellen Hockey Women Ice – Team Member
Clifford, Mr. Richard H. Lacrosse Men – Team Members
Will, Mrs. Carolyn Gregg (Gregg) Lacrosse Women – Team Members
Shapiro, Mr. Len J. (Shapiro) Polo Men – Team Members
Swanson, Mr. Robert L. Jr. Sailing Men & Women – Team Mem
Dremluk, Mr. Robert W. Soccer Men Team Members
Pilarz, Mr. Michael Soccer Men Team Members
Freerks, Mr. Stan A. Swimming Men – Team Members
Kaplan, Mr. Peter D. Tennis Men – Team Members
Bob Oelschlager Track
Burmeister, Mr. Paul Andrew Wrestling – Team Members
Mike Delikat Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
Bernstein, Mr. Andrew N. Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
Willis, Ms. Donna D. (Degarmo) Alpha Phi Sorority
Stewart, Mr. Bob V. Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity
Malchoff, Mr. Kevin R. Alpha Zeta Fraternity
Currier, Mr. Robert G. Chi Psi Fraternity
Perry Jacobs Chi Psi Fraternity
Denning, Dr. Karen Craft (Craft) Delta Delta Delta Sorority
Johnson, Ms. Barbara P. Delta Gamma Sorority
Groen, Mr. Fred H. III Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
Walter Grote Delta Upsilon
Langley, Mr. Dennis J. Delta Upsilon Fraternity
Moore, Ms. Elizabeth A. Kappa PSI Sorority
Stechschulte, Mrs. Jodi Sielschott (Sielschott) Kappa PSI Sorority
Keith Kennedy Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Selig, Mr. Stanley H. Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Chip Conradi Phi Gamma Delta
Frank Herron Phi Gamma Delta
Eric Darmstaedter Phi Gamma Delta
Seabury, Dr. Chuck Ward Phi Kappa Psi
Quain, Dr. Bill J. Phi Sigma Kappa
Hintsa, Mrs. Moira Hearne (Hearne) Pi Beta Phi
Andrew Alper Pi Lambda Phi
Bell, Mr. Bruce A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Dictor, Mr. Robert J. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Howard, Mr. Walter Q. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Grimshaw, Mr. John S. Sigma Chi
Robert Rippe Sigma Phi Epsilon
Jim Schoonmaker Sigma Phi Epsilon
Peter Muth Sigma Pi
Moutner, Mr. David N. Tau Epsilon Phi
Wind, Mr. Jack Jay Tau Kappa Epsilon
Stewart, Charles Evan Esq. Theta Delta Chi
Merri Lloyd Cornell Women’s Chorus
Evan Stewart Cayuga’s Waiters
Bill Welker (’73) Glee Club
Betsy Beach Sage Chapel Choir
Dale Lazar Big Red Band
Brundage, Mr. Danny CBAA
Alexander, Renee T. Cornell Black Alumni Associat
John Foote Quill & Dagger
Al Van Ranst Sphinx Head
Jim Schoonmaker WVBR
Bill Howard Cornell Daily Sun
Mi O’Connell Ithaca High
Doug Swenson Architects
Kristen Rupert Straight Desk
Beth Aaronson Risley
Bonni Schulman Duthcer Dickson
Alice Brown Boldt Hall
Claudia Benack U Halls
Stanley Selig U Hall #5
Jim Schoonmaker U Halls #4